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Industrial Fogging Machine

Industrial Fogging Machine

Ultra low volume rigger machine-gun tonne's generates high density fog with droplets size in the range of 5-15 microns, also provides maximum thrust, deeper penetration.
Detailed Description

Ultra low volume rigger machine-gun tonne’;s generates high density fog with droplets size in the range of 5-15 microns, also provides maximum thrust, deeper penetration & wide spread of aerosols ensuring effective & uniform treatment of ulv chemical being fogged, be it aerial fumigation/ fogging a surface treatment. Engineered to meet most demanding & critical tasks of aerial fumigation disinfection in sterile area of hospitals pharmaceutical industry &wide range of application in food & beverages, poultry & hatchery industry. Light weight, portable & extremely user-friendly aerosol generators are highly versatile & ideal equipment to dispense wide range of disinfectants, herbicides, fungicides, deodorants, & pesticides.

Performance &technical features

Equipped with superior all-powerful motors, precision metering system &non rotating vortex design nozzle assembly, fogged produces greater aerosol volume & fine diffusion of chemical being fogged into space, areas, obstructed surfaces ensuring uniform treatment entire space. Least possible residues on floor &surfaces. Fine droplet size of the fog greatly enhances the action of the chemicals being dispensed using less chemical & water (diluent). Saves substantial amount of chemicals costs with better treatment results. Easy to clean, detachable anon corrosive chemical solution lank. Rugged design &corrosion resistant material of construction compatible for use in hospitals , soft-pedalled pharmaceutical &fond industry. Specially designed intake non-representationally of dust dirt & chemical and helps to end moot motor pads. Application areas hospital ,nursing homes & clinics - fumigation/environment sterility in operation theatres, intensive care units ,neonatal units, patients rooms &general ward, post operative wards air sterility in microbiology lab, pathology lab, pathology labs, blood banks etc. Pharmaceutical &biotic industries-aerial fumigation/air environment sterility in sterility in sterile areas of injectable, vaccines, tablets, parenteral . Iv fluids. Medical devices. Bulk drug manufacturing areas, areas, microbiology lab, r & d centre, clinical drug trial centre°.

Performance & application benefits of fumigation with foggier.

Fast, highly effective, sate,non detoxification disinfection when used with disinfectants. Very convenient trot for air/environment sited l infection control tasks sterile areas ready housewifely 1 hr maximum. No side effects,notification compared to formalin kmno4 mi gallon speed of the application gives great savings in time and permitted treatments to be made when convenient allows wide range of fumigation / disinfection tasks of space & surfaces which are impossible with any of the traditional means such as formality, spraying with care machine or manual sprayers. No flooding of disinfectant the floor surfaces. Compatible with disinfectants.

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